Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Loving:  Living up near Asheville! We are still settling into things and there is still a lot to be settled but I'm starting to feel more at home here. I'm looking forward to getting this place bought so that we can start painting and really decorating like we want. I'm also excited and loving the fact that it hasn't been very hot here lately. It's also rained a TON but it's helped to cool things down. I feel like Fall is just around the corner & I'm getting excited about it! My collection of boots is waiting to be worn and I want to stock up on colored skinnies to go with them....come on, Fall!

Reading: Mr. Murder by Dean Koontz. I started it a long time ago and didn't really like it so I stopped reading it. But decided to pick it back up and try again and this time around I'm getting into it more. That's the one thing I like about the school pick up line....I can catch up on reading! I've got to get back down to the library and get a card so I can start checking out some new stuff to read.

Watching: I haven't really gotten into any shows lately. I just kinda randomly watch whatever but I do love the shows Awkward and The InBetweeners on MTV! I don't watch them religiously or anything but I catch up on them when I can or when I remember to check the DVR! Lol! We are also trying to get through Jericho on Netflix. Awesome show....

Thinking About: Christmas! I know, it's not even Fall yet but I'm excited about Christmas. Getting a new Christmas tree, decorating our new place....all that jazz! Well, really the Holidays in general. It'll be interesting to see how the Holidays go this year since I'm working at Wal-Mart and they aren't great about letting you have holidays off so I'm not sure how happy I'll be once they are actually here but I can dream, right?!

Surprised by: some of the things I wish for or think about having. Like a dog or a baby! Lol! I keep telling myself things are WAY easier the way they are but sometimes things worth having aren't easy. But whatever, some things are just out of my control! Lol! But I'm still surprised by how my thought process and things I wish for and want has totally changed. It's weird how getting older changes you....

Making me sad: the stupidity of America. Seriously, election year always brings out the dumbest stuff in people. I'm not going to get into all that because it just turns into a pissing match but I can't believe the craziness people "believe" in. 

Making me happy: How Gigi's growing into such a great young lady. She's changed so much and I'm so proud of her! And dreaming up new tattoo ideas! I've just got to start saving towards some of the bigger pieces I want next (and I keep dreaming my hubby might actually get one before he turns 30!).  And pinning lots of great ideas for decorating our new place especially the kiddo's room!

SO what are you up to currently? If you do a "Currently" post leave me a link to it in the comment section, I love reading these things!


  1. I'm super excited about the holidays also! I love decorating for them and the family stuff.

    I know from reading your blog how back and forth you are on wanting a baby and I just have to tell you I kinda did the same thing.. But I decided I did want one (due next month) and I have to say Gigi is probably at the perfect age to have a baby. People always say "oh you should have your kids close together" but my daughter is almost 4 and she wants to help with the baby, she's pretty self sufficient and I just think it'll be easier with a newborn to have an older child.

    1. Actually I do think Gigi's at the perfect age to be a big sister - she's self reliant enough that I wouldn't feel too overwhelmed. But 1. my tubes are tied so no more babies for us. :-/ and 2. My hubby is good with one! So I guess that's why I want a dog....haha! I never thought I wanted kids at all, and I had my daughter really young and felt so overwhelmed and decided I never wanted to have any more. But I've grown up, changed and fallen in love with being a mom and my daughter is amazing so I guess that's why my feelings on it has changed but some things can't be undone or changed!