Monday, September 10, 2012


I am not ashamed in any way to admit that I LOVE tattoos. Love them. I find them so pretty, enticing, intriguing, etc. I mean, obviously, well done tattoos. Crappy ones make me laugh! If it weren't for the money I would be very heavily inked. And I get tired of people telling me I'm going to regret it. I don't foresee that ever happening but if I do, I do! Seriously, it's my decision and my regret (if that were to ever happen), not yours. Around here well done tattoos are everywhere. There is never a shortage of great ink to look at. I have to keep myself from staring sometimes because I don't want people to think I'm being rude, it's quite the opposite, I love their ink! I find beautiful women with beautiful ink inspiring and amazing, I find great looking guys with ink so attractive (I'm still trying to convince my great looking guy to get ink. *le sigh*.). Now that I have a job I can hopefully start saving towards some bigger pieces to add to my "canvas." My hubby asked me how many I have the other day.....he said "I've just gotten so used to them being there...." and as silly as it sounds that was kinda a compliment to me. My ink is apart of me, it all means something to me, I love it. Instagram has introduced me to some of my favorite tattooed moms - beautiful, fit, inked women! Not to mention it's provided me with the wonderful, endless possibilities of the hashtags #tattoo, #foottattoo and #tattoos. Geez, so much eye candy to take in! To me it's like art, it's beautiful and unique. I'm so inkspired lately!


  1. I absolutely love well-placed, well-done tattoos on women, too. And don't even get me started on the guys! A man with ink? I die. And I've been on Husband to add to his collection for-e-ver.

    What scares this ink-free girl is the alternative. The literally hundreds of people I see a week that have awfully done work, in awful places. I know that what matters is that you love it, but I think that's what's stopped me from getting anything done myself ... Being scared of looking "like that"!

    The first of these photos is definitely my favorite!

    1. Yes, awful tattoos are THE worst! That's why it's very key to research your artist, look at their work, find out how long they've been tattooing, etc. So many people freak out when they feel like an artist is too expensive but just like hair stylist - if they are charging more they are most likely going to be better artists/stylists. We recently moved and I'm looking for a new artist. I have a friend who was just tattooed by a local guy and his work looks awesome, and his base price is twice what my old artist charges! But yeah, I desperately want my husband to get some ink but honestly I don't think it'll EVER happen! Lol!