Friday, October 12, 2012

25 Things....

(Stole this idea from Jess over at irocksowhat!)

1. I haven't bought new clothes in almost 2 years. I think the last clothing I bought was a pair of khakis and a blue shirt for work. It just always seems there are more important things to take care of first.

2. For the first time in my life I am living away from family completely. I've always had some family within 30 minutes of me. Now the closest is an hour away but we don't really talk. The rest live in AL - about 6 hours away.

3. I don't really enjoy watching movies at home, I get bored. I'd rather flip channels and watch various shows on TV. But I LOVE going to the movies - I'd go every weekend if I could.

4. I've never felt like I truly fit in with any "group" of people. I always feel out of place with almost everyone. I'm not really nerdy, not preppy, not hipster, not artsy....

5. Originally Gianna was going to be Eisley Tatum. Even though I like her name I kinda wish I had stuck with Eisley especially since I love the band Eisley and the girls in it now!

6. My husband says I have really taste when it comes to picking out men (lol!) - I like them tall and thin! The opposite of myself! Lol!

7. At 26 I feel like I know what I'd like to do in life but it would require me to go back to college and I just don't know that I want to....I guess I'm lazy. Or lame. Or both.

8. I don't really love to cook but around the holidays I get this urge to bake. But because I can't say no to eating them all I usually avoid baking anything. Cakes are my favorite to bake.

9. I'm slightly addicted to Instagram. It's my favorite thing ever. I'd give up Facebook and Twitter (if I absolutely had to!) to keep Instagram! (follow me at @alaythea)

10. I am HORRIBLE at home decorating. I see all these great ideas and have a vision of what I want but when it comes to executing it I'm all thumbs.

11. I could eat Taco Bell everyday. I don't think I would get tired of it. I love it.

12. I'm "allergic" to pork but I still eat bacon because I mean, it's worth getting sick to eat bacon, right?!!

13. Chocolate & peanut butter and Chocolate & Mint has to be two of my favorite flavor combo's ever!

14. The smell of oranges and cinnamon makes me happy and makes me feel like it's the holidays.

15. I LOVE Salt & Vinegar Kettle chips. I can literally eat them until I get sores in my mouth from the vinegar! lol!

16. I have this thing about "modern" vampires. Ya know, the more romantic vampires like Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. The romance, the "danger", the adventure, the secrets, etc. It's all so exciting!

17. I think well done tattoos are SO gorgeous. If it weren't for money I would be really inked up by now. Fit women with beautiful tattoos intrigue me like nothing else & hot guys with tattoos? To die for.

18. I blogged religiously for years, almost daily. Suddenly I just hated it. So now I randomly post whenever the urge hits. 

19. If I could move out of the country to anywhere I'd go to Greece. I think it's unbelievably stunning and I love the laid back feel those little Greek towns have.

20. I would be completely and utterly starstruck around Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of The Killers. After my husband I seriously think he is the most gorgeous man alive. Perfection. AND he can sing. It doesn't get much better! :-)

21. I have this dream of vacationing at the beach in a tiny little seaside cottage. A little run down but quaint.

22. I have tiny feet, my dad has always joked that he doesn't know how they hold me up! I can wear kids sizes in a lot of brands. It's saved me money over the years because the kids sizes are usually cheaper.

23. I absolutely HATE feeling like I'm "in trouble" or I've done something wrong. Hate it. When I get corrected at work or anywhere it just makes me feel so awful and I think about it constantly until I'm able to "fix it" or do it right.

24. I'm the oldest of 5 kids, I'm not super close to any of my siblings really. But I do enjoy getting to hang out with them around the holidays.

25. I've never played sports of any kind, I'm just not coordinated enough. I duck when someone throws a ball my direction! 

Share 25 things about yourself and come back and leave me a link in 
the comment section! I'd love to read about you!


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    1. Yeah, she's so annoying but recently she has gotten her body is crazy amazing shape!!! And I admire her for that!

  2. hahaha I think that was in another post but i can't stand her!