Monday, November 12, 2012


The Walking Dead! We are obsessed! We finally caught up with the current season. We DVR'd the current season when it started and we've gotten through the first two episodes. It's cuh-razy, people! I also recently watched This Means War (super cute & now I LOVE Tom Hardy!) and The Amazing Spiderman (good but nothing to get super thrilled about.).

Listening to:
Ellie Goulding's Halcyon OVER AND OVER AND OVER! No joke. I have listened to it daily for weeks and I'm still not tired of it. My hubby bought me the album on Amazon (because my car still uses CD's.) and I'm supposed to get it tomorrow and I'm going to play it like crazy in my car!

.....for the Holidays. Getting everything in order for our trips. One this month and one next month. Now that I'm working and Gianna is in school we have to plan these things a little more than we used to. We can't just decide to up and go.

Thinking about:
....a lot of things. Trying to figure out life and where we are going and planning for the future, etc. We just bought a condo and I'm thinking about all the painting and decorating that I hope I can do next year. Trying to decide what steps we need to take next for our life ahead. I'm always scared that we might make the wrong decision - what if we don't do something and we regret it later on or what if we do something and then it messes things up......I'm always scared to take the next step.

Looking forward to:
Going out with my sister and some girls she knows on Friday - we are going out to dinner and to see Breaking Dawn Pt. 2!!! I'm looking forward to it so much - just getting out with some other girls and doing something fun and relaxing! And then next week we are headed to Bama for Thanksgiving with my family. It's been years since we've been with my family for T-day and I'm beyond excited!!!!
And then in December we are headed to TN for our annual family Christmas trip - so lots of exciting things to look forward to before the New Year!
Oh, and I did I mention we are getting iPhone upgrades this week too?! We've had the 3GS for two years now and we are going up to the 4. I know, it's not the newest BUT the 4 is way better than the 3GS so I'm super stoked!

Currently reading Dreamcatcher by Stephen King. It's a huge book and really weird. Lol! We watched the movie years ago but I don't remember it being anything like this book has been so far.

Making me happy:
Off days from work, hot chocolate, lazy days with my kiddo, watching shows with my husband, going out with friends, seeing family, the thought of the holidays, chocolate croissants, maybe getting new ink soon, and dreaming of what our family could be one day!


  1. HEY GIRL! hahaha I was smiling when I read about you getting some new phones. We have never even had a smart phone of any kind! We have had the lg cosmos phones for a while now hahaha! Our exciting upgrade is coming in may! Woohoo for smart phones! Gianna is BEAUTIFUL! She looks so much like Charity when she was little. Have fun on all your trips! We are staying here and Keegans mom is coming for Christmas...wooohooo. Can you feel my excitement:(

    1. Yes, I'd die without my smart phone! Haha! NO, seriously, I can't imagine not having one now. You'll love it! And thank you, Gianna looks a lot like Beej but with my eyes. Lol! And have fun with your Mother In Law!!!

  2. "This Means War" is a favorite of ours! One of the few movies we actually bought, and have watched multiple times.

    Have you seen "Warrior"? It's a must-watch, but it never got much press.

    1. I haven't seen that one yet. I looked it up and it doesn't really look like my kinda movie but I could be wrong!

  3. Just came across your blog. Love it! I am totally with you on the future planning part. We have been thinking about that's hard to figure out! Decorating is fun- we have been doing it little by little. I bet your condo is already super cute though!

    1. Oh, well, thank you for stopping by AND commenting!!! And yes, I have SO many ideas pinned on Pinterest. It's determining which will work and finding the money to do it with!